Digital training courses roll out to the villages

DIGITAL COURSE: Launched in Orihuela’s rural districts by Councillors Victor Valverde and Sabina Galindo.

ORIHUELA aims to bring the municipality’s villages into the 21st century by offering a free digital literacy course.

Councillor for Agriculture and Rural Development, Victor Valverde, and Councillor for Citizen Participation, Sabina Galindo, announced the course in digital literacy in villages and said the training “is directed to those Oriolanos who, maybe for generational reasons, have not had access to new technologies.” 

They added: “This is the first time Orihuela has offered this service and it has been highly demanded by residents in the district.”


The 20-hour course, covering Windows applications, emailing and internet use, will be available in Molins, Los Desamparados, San Bartolomé and La Murada. 

Those interested can register at the civic and social centres of the districts. 


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