Muslims are our friends, neighbours and sports heroes


PRESIDENT Barak Obama interrupted Sunday night TV (December 6) to remind US citizens that the vast majority of Muslims are “our friends, neighbours and sports heroes”.

The speech was only the third time that this President had addressed the US nation from the Oval Office.

He spoke about the investigation into the San Bernardino killings as well as the terror threat to the USA from Daesh.  Obama declared the murders at San Bernardino an act of terrorism.


Meanwhile in east London, Muslims who witnessed the attempted murder of a passenger at Leytonstone station after the attacker had allegedly said “this is for Syria” were outraged at the attack, with video taken during the attack showing at least one Muslim man shouting to the attacker “You ain´t no Muslim bruv!”  The comment has inspired the hashtag #YouAintNoMuslimBruv , currently trending on Twitter (December 7).

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