Carmenes del Mar residents worried they will be homeless

CARMENES DEL MAR: Urbanisation has been given an expiry date of ‘seven or eight years’ due to subsidence.

RESIDENTS of the Carmenes del Mar de La Herradura Urbanisation in Granada are worried that they will have to spend Christmas ‘under a bridge’ after receiving eviction orders for safety reasons. 

The urbanisation is gradually subsiding as a result of the shifting of the ground, and has been given an expiry date of ‘seven or eight years’.

Some of the residents have already left, particularly families with children. Others have stopped paying their mortgages. Residents have initiated a class-action lawsuit, and are hoping that the authorities will lend them a helping hand so that they can pay for some cautionary measures to keep the houses standing until the lawsuit finishes.


Many residents feel nobody is listening to them. They argued that €4million, the amount needed for the cautionary measures, would be next to nothing for the Junta de Andalucia Regional Government.

They further added that the Junta could exert its influence to get the insurance process moving more quickly.


  1. I feel so sorry for them- it is disgusting and I know the feeling of being made homeless having had that happen once by the british government not listening and just recently nearly happening again
    I wish them all a good xmas and hope it ius sorted for them
    what a worry


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