Stun gun disguised to look like mobile phone used in mugging

Picture courtesy of National Police
Stun gun disguised as mobile phone that emits electric shock

The National Police has released information that agents arrested four people for robbing a young man with a mobile phone used as a stun gun. One of those arrested spoke with the victim in a nightclub in Jerez de la Frontera and invited him to have a drink with him in the club car park.

Once in there he was joined by three other young men and he threatened the victim with the stun gun disguised as a mobile phone demanding that he hand over his money and other valuables.

After the muggers fled, the victim asked for help from officers of the National Police patrol who were nearby.


In a very short period of time the officers located the alleged mugger nearby, found the weapon together with the stolen money and arrested the 22 year old on suspicion of robbery. Later, three more men were arrested.

The device itself, does not work as a phone, but has two prongs, which deliver an electric shock to the victim.


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