Property tax increase approved

© By Andrew Hurley from Wallasey, England, United Kingdom, Wikimedia Commons

PROPERTY owners in La Herradura and Almuñecar are facing higher IBI property taxes. An estimated 46,000 buildings in the area will be affected by the increases, which will be brought in gradually and may reach 30 per cent by 2017. The tax had to be put up some years ago to allow Almuñecar to adhere to a government scheme, but this year the council did have the option to halt the rise.


  1. As is the case the government push local councils to increase contributions to the town hall so they can the government can reduce the payments to town halls and so have less outgoings, a cunning way to make it look like the government are not putting up taxes and have the people blame the town halls for charging more and not the government who are the actual perpetrators.


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