The new rules of the road

ROAD BOOK: Proceeds of eBook will go to Elche Children’s Home.

New eBook will raise funds for the Elche Children’s Home

THE rules of the road change constantly. Currently, the trend is about creating safer, shared spaces on the roads, where all different types of vehicles can move in a harmonious manner, whilst still maintaining safety for all. 

In Spain, some of those changes have already come into force, for example restricting children to travelling in the back seats, others will come into force in the future.

In order to help with the transition, the popular N-332 Driving In Spain website team, headed by a group of Guardia Civil officers in Torrevieja, have created an eBook.  Titled ‘The New Rules of the Road’, it details the changes in full and how the future of traffic management and flow is geared more towards those shared spaces.


The overall aim of the publication is to provide the information that may make the roads safer for all. 

The eBook costs €4.95 and all proceeds from will go the Elche Children’s Home for those who are in need, facing the daunting time of Christmas without their natural family environment.

Francisco Morales from the N-332 Facebook page and website said: “With your help, we can all do our bit to help give them a very special Christmas, whilst you also benefit from the knowledge and information in the eBook.”

To purchase visits and click on the ‘buy now’ link. Payment is via Paypal and you will get a pdf file of the eBook.


  1. Just read this week’s copy of Euro Weekly News (issue 1587). In particular Gemma Quinn’s article on page 25, titled The Rules of the Road.

    How ironic, I had gone into various book shops in Torrevieja to see if there was a Spanish highway code but written in English! To which it seems there is not … despite an apparent large call, one available.

    So, do you know, is this booklet a Spanish version of a high code.

    If it is or as near as dam it, I would recommend the local British in this area to purchase, download and READ IT ….. and make money for the Children’s cause.

    I welcome your thoughts.

    John Bryant


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