Donkey defence demo in Mijas

PROTESTORS unite outside Mijas Town Hall after social media campaign.

A passionate but peaceful demonstration took place on November 29 outside Mijas Town Hall against the conditions suffered by the donkeys used as ‘burro taxis’. 

Protestors demanded an end to the practice, which has come under intense scrutiny following the release of images and a video showing the animals being beaten. 

Mijas Pueblo has sought to attract tourists to ride the donkeys around town but has been forced to back down with a pledge to improve conditions. 


The group of several hundred who gathered on Sunday after a social media campaign, united expats with a large Spanish contingent representing local animal rights groups.

Mark Bajerski, who in September published a video of two men viciously beating a donkey, has gathered over 8,000 signatures expressing support for change. 

Speaking to Euro Weekly News, he said “I’ve seen the corruption and manipulation at the town hall, who won’t do anything, so we need to speak out. We need to realise we are in 2015 and do not want to see abuse of animals.” Expressing admiration for the large number of Spanish present, he added “It’s a dangerous position to be in; I’ve been spat at by these donkey handlers.

“I’m glad they’re not here today because there could have been some serious incidences.”

Next Sunday, December 6, from 11am to 3pm, Alan Parks will launch his book ‘Dive for Donkeys’ at El Refugio del Burrito in Fuente de Piedra, Malaga, to raise funds for the charity. 


  1. So pleased that something at last is being done about the cruelty to these poor defenceless donkeys!
    I really do hope that the Town Hall take notice of this, and don’t give out false promises.

  2. My family, friends and i will boycott Mijas and so will a huge amount of tourist, As the video of the barbaric treatment of the poor Donkeys had gone viral all over the world….”The town hall is doing a great job of keeping tourist away” !!!!!! This is 2015 not the dark ages….Spain man up and STOP THIS….As people will STOP GOING AND SPENDING IN MIJAS.

  3. It is about time that those people who own donkeys realised that those fantastic animals are their breadwinners…. At least, they should treat them decently. If the local authorities don’t respond IMMEDIATELY, I am planning NOT to go to Mijas next summer, so are some of my friends who go to Spain every year.


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