Praga returns with a vengeance

R1R: First road model released since 1947.

After auspiciously avoiding the spotlight for 68 years, Czech manufacturer Praga has announced plans for a limited edition release of the super-sport road car Praga R1R in 2016. 

Founded in 1907, the company quickly diversified into motorcycles, engines and gearboxes before its chief factory was heavily bombed during WWII. 

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The R1R will be the first road model released since 1947, anticipated as a commemorative model rather than a step back into the fray. 

So what does over a half century lay off bring to the contemporary landscape? The lightweight model comes in at just 670kg, with a power to weight ratio of over 575bhp/tonne enabling it to hit 0-62mph in under three seconds. It is carbon constructed and uses a 390bhp Formula Renault 2.0-litre engine enhanced by in-house turbo and electronics.

Forced induction allows for plenty of torque while a six-speed auto box offers an excellent power flow. The two-seater cabin optimises space through offset controls and a roof mounted switchgear

The design features front and rear mounted crash boxes and a carbon composite monocoque to deliver safety technology matched only in Formula one. It is in effect a double seater race car adapted for the roads and has a generated down force that exceeds its weight, so can theoretically turn corners upside down. 

Marking the time since Praga last hit the roads, 68 custom-modified editions will be on sale coming in at a reasonable £140,000 (€199,000). 


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