Man given prison sentence in Spain for glorifying terrorism

© Robert J Fisch, Wikimedia
Plane crashing into World Trade Centre New York.

A MOROCCAN national has been sentenced to more than a year in jail for posting a video online in which he “glorified Osama bin Laden” and praised “ideas of a terrorist nature” said Spain’s National Court on November 26.  

Judges at the court said Imad el Mouahhid, a 30 year old from Tangier in the north of Morocco, “publicised a video by downloading it to YouTube, made in whole or in part by himself and titled: ‘This is what the Imam of all Imams Osama taught me, may Allah accept it’.”

The video, nearly 50 minutes long, shows speeches by former Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden calling jihad or holy war, as well as images of training camps belonging to the extremist group, they added.


The court found El Mouahhid guilty of glorifying terrorism. Earlier this year, Spanish police detained a man suspected of selling clothing bearing Islamic State slogans with a photo of a British aid worker just before he was murdered.



  1. I really don’t understand judges or politicians in todays society, why is this man given only a year? Why is he not stripped of every penny he has? This man was instigating war against innocent people and against other countries… is it any wonder these people have no fear of our justice.


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