Cocaine impregnated clothes found at Malaga airport


FIVE people have been arrested in Spain and another two in Argentina after a man arrived at Malaga airport carrying a suitcase containing more than 12 kilos of clothes impregnated with cocaine.

Investigations began in August 2015 when the National Police received information from Argentina that a group was using people to carry drugs from the country to Spain, and led to detection of a Colombian man living in Granada who officers suspected could be organising the deliveries, believed to come to Malaga from Argentina via Lisbon.

The suspect was followed when he set off to collect a passenger, masquerading as a middle-class tourist, from the airport and upon arresting the two officers discovered more than 33 items of cocaine-impregnated clothing in a suitcase.


Another three members of the group were later arrested, an assistant of the leader in Granada City and two people who allegedly distributed the drugs in Sierra Nevada and the rest of Granada Province.

Another two people were also arrested in Argentina suspected of recruiting people to carry drugs to Spain in their luggage.


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