Thousands across Spain shout out against terrorism and war


THOUSANDS of people took to the streets in Spain on Saturday (November 28) to shout out against war and violent response to terrorism under the slogan No En Nuestro Nombre (Not in our name).

In Barcelona, Madrid, A Coruña, Cadiz, Sevilla, Murcia and many other cities people gathered as cries of “No to war” and “Not in our name” rang out.

A manifesto to this respect, stressing that meeting violence with violence can only cause more suffering to innocent victims, has been signed by 34,000 people in just one week as the population of Spain calls for thought before action.


“Is the response to barbaric attacks is to suspend human rights and restrict freedom the victory of terrorism will be complete and if we meet violence with violence the spiral will be unstoppable,” the manifesto reads.

Popular Spanish actor Alberto San Juan stated that the protests and manifesto were a plea for dignity and against military actions by the population in general.

Valencia Mayor Joan Ribo spoke out on his worries that bells of war can be heard once again in the background in Europe.

“War does not fix problems or stop terrorism, we’ve seen it before and we can’t repeat our errors of the past,” Ribo said.


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