Missing Torrevieja nativity scene found

NATIVITY SCENE: The area is currently sealed off as work is now under way to construct the stage for this year’s event.

THE missing pieces of Torrevieja’s nativity scene have been found. Last week the town hall reported they were talking with police over the missing belen, but councillor for Fiestas, Africa Celdran, said the missing figures are now back with the town hall. 

The councillor said: “We began to look for the belen in all possible locations in municipal facilities and we were trying to work out processes from previous years to ascertain their whereabouts. We also talked to a former party councillor to see if they knew where it was.”

But the town hall then received a call from the Belen Association in Pilar de la Horadada, which is usually in charge of assembling and dismantling the nativity, to say the pieces were stored there.


The municipal figures, valued at €27,000, once removed on January 6, go to Pilar de la Horadada  to be cleaned and retouched, following the deterioration suffered by exposure to the outdoors for almost two months, however this year they had not returned and the new ruling council were unaware of their whereabouts. 

There has been suggestions that the Association in Pilar de la Horadada retained the pieces over disappointment about not being asked to assemble the scene this year, with the council wanting to save over €5,000 with it being done in-house this year.

Municipal workers have already begun to construct the stage to host the nativity scene in the Plaza de la Constitucion opposite the town hall. The area is currently sealed off as work is under way ahead of the inauguration on December 4


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