Fine for Torrevieja nightclub

CASE CLOSED: Owners of Tropic 222 fined €122,022 and will be allowed to reopen the venue once all safety measures have been put in place.

TROPIC 222 disco has been fined €122,022 for ‘very serious’ deficiencies detected during inspections. 

The Torrevieja venue was closed in August, with documents citing ‘serious risk to workers and users’ as one of the reasons behind the decision made by the local council. 

It was reported there was insufficient fire safety and evacuation systems in place with fire hydrants not being connected to a sufficient water supply, wiring going through uninsulated wooden decks and the main emergency exit door blocked by traffic on Avenida Mariano Ruiz Canovas. 


It was also reported there was a ‘serious danger to the safety of people’ as it was operating well above its licence of being an ice cream parlour, restaurant and pub, permitting an occupancy of 84 people. 

The official documents stated that at one point 981 people were found to be on the premises. 

Neighbours also regularly complained about the noise from an outdoor TV screen.  

The Generalitat Valenciana regional government confirmed the injunction to initially close the premises ordered by the council and the case against the venue has now been closed with the issuing of the fine.

Once the fine has been paid and the necessary works carried out to ensure it meets safety requirements, which could amount to around €50,000, the owners will be allowed to open once again.

Tropic 222 is one of the largest, oldest and most popular nightspots in Torrevieja situated next to Los Locos beach. 

It has been open to the public for more than 30 years.


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