Children run local council for a day

HANDING OVER: Maria Castro Marin receives the staff of office from Mayor Antonio Moreno Ferrer.

TWENTY-THREE schoolchildren took over the role of Velez-Malaga’s councillors for a day last week to hold a junior municipal plenary session to mark International Children’s Rights Day.

The group of sixth-year primary and first- year secondary pupils from local schools, led by honorary junior Mayor for the day, Maria Castro Marin from Blas Infante school in Torre del Mar, were welcomed to the town hall by local mayor Antonio Moreno Ferrer and Education Councillor Jose Alarcon, who explained how the sessions worked before temporarily handing over the reins to the youngsters.

“We thank all the schools for taking part in this event, which is a positive addition to school activities as it teaches the students about how councils work,” Moreno Ferrer commented.


Addressing the junior councillors, he said: “I hope you enjoy this experience and realise you will be dealing with important matters for your friends and families.”

Subjects touched upon during the session included transport and environmental matters, use of public sports facilities and other matters of interest to the youngsters.


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