Accused points finger at friend although judge shelved case


A MAN, 28, accused of killing a 16-month-old baby in Almeria in December 2012, said in court that he is guilty and deserves to go to prison, but that he didn’t intend to kill her. 

He apologised to the baby’s mother, who was his girlfriend at the time, and the rest of her family, but said that he is “not a murderer.” 

He admits having kidnapped her and was responsible for her death, but says his friend was the one who wrapped her body in cling film and threw it into an irrigation tank in Abrucena. He also claims his friend, who was arrested although a judge shelved the case against him due to lack of evidence, intended to sell the girl to people traffickers. The accused is facing up to 29 years in prison and may be ordered to pay €300,000 in compensation to the baby’s mother.



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