Safer officers in Mijas


LOCAL POLICE officers in Mijas will be safer on the streets thanks to a new batch of bullet-proof vests they have received this week.

More deliveries are due over the next few weeks, meaning before long all 140 officers in the area will be equipped for all eventualities.

Local Mayor Juan Carlos Maldonado visited the force’s headquarters to examine the delivery and help distribute the vest amongst the officers, stressing: “We want to ensure our officers, who put their lives at risk for use, are correctly equipped. They come to work and do a marvellous job but it’s up to us to help keep them safe.”


Each vest costs €800 and is equipped with reflective elements which can be added for traffic work.


  1. To protect them from what, local business owners they continually persist in fining for any stupid thing they can? I guess this means a lot more fines to cover the cost of the vests then.

    In all honesty I think the local police should be done away with and the National police should be taking their duties over from them, the local police seem to be nothing more than a town hall mafia who appear to lack in proper police training and who also appear to be corrupt. Using the National police to cover there duties would remove a lot of the corrupt side that seems to run along with the town halls.


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