Resident says La Marina has been neglected and forgotten

COMPLAINTS: Residents have complained about the state of paths, and the town hall said the graffiti is hard to clean.

COUNCILLOR for International Residents in San Fulgencio and La Marina, Paulino Herrero, has hit back at claims in other newspapers about the so called ‘decline in council provided services’ on urbanisation La Marina.

A resident for 13 years, Len Allen is on a one-man crusade to improve the urbanisation and said over the last six months he has seen the ‘decline’ in services. He said: “To have anything done as a resident I find myself almost cap in hand going to the town hall annex. It appears the council are not proactive in providing any service.”

He reported there are areas that are poorly maintained and pathways in some places are dangerous: “They are uneven, loose and in places covered in debris making it slippery under foot. Pavements are too narrow to allow parents with baby buggies to pass so they have to walk in the road. Identification of the border between the roads and pathways is made by the proliferation of weeds growing along the curb.”


He added that during the five minute walk from his home to the council office in Calle Madrid ‘three general refuse bins have been withdrawn so this leads to the overflow of rubbish.’

Councillor Herrero said he met with Len a few weeks ago when he raised some issues but these were also sorted. 

He maintained claims the council do not care are untrue and that he is working hard on making improvements slowly but surely. He said: “In the coming weeks we are starting the lowering of the curbs along Avenida de Londres to allow easier access for wheelchairs and are starting a campaign of painting new road markings.”

 He added the graffiti is a difficult issue as it is very hard to clean and the town hall is still looking at solutions. The waste situation is out of their hands as there are provincial problems with waste depots. 

He noted they are also improving the drainage in Calle Paris where houses have suffered flooding for years and the town hall is making substantial savings within the office for the urbanisations in La Marina: “Previously there were five salaries coming out of this office, now there is just one.”

Paulino welcomes residents to ‘hear the truth’ as the town hall office is open Monday to Friday from 10am-2pm where he is happy to speak to people.


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