Plans afoot to revive the defunct broadcaster

CANAL 9: Should have 800 employees if it reopens.

UNTIL November 2013 the Valencian Community had its own regional television and radio channel, Canal 9.

It was taken off the air after the regional government was ordered to readmit 1,198 workers it had intended to lay off in a redundancy plan.  

The channel was haemorrhaging money and Alberto Fabra, ex-president of the Generalitat, insisted that reinstating the employees was not viable.


Since then there has been a change of regional government and the present incumbents have promised to look at reinstating Canal 9.  

A report by a committee of communications’ experts from the region’s universities recommends that if Canal 9 reopens it should have 800 employees and a yearly €142 million budget.

Staff would account for 35 per cent of this amount while in-house production costs, purchase of external productions and broadcasting rights would take up another 30 per cent. Outsourced in-house productions would require 30 per cent and other expenses 5 per cent.

In Alicante Province, at least, there seems to be little public interest in resuscitating Canal 9. An informal online survey by a Spanish-language newspaper found that 73 per cent of participants did not believe it should reopen. Twenty-four per cent thought it was necessary and 3 per cent said they did not care.


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