Wintry covering on the Tramuntana Mountains

WHITE DUSTING: The highest peak, Puig Major, saw about three centimetres of snow.

It would appear that winter has finally come to Mallorca, and this time it even brought snow.

The mountains were dusted white marking the end of a mild and sunny autumn as temperatures dropped dramatically last weekend reaching below zero in the Serra de Tramuntana.

Normally, snow only falls for approximately 14 days every per year on the island, and almost never hits the coast, although it is not an unusual sight on the Tramuntana Mountains during winter. 


This year for the first time, its highest peak, Puig Major, at 1,445 metres above sea level received about three centimetres of snow on Sunday November 22.

The weatherman tells us that it will get marginally warmer again this week but, due to strong winds, the wind chill factor will make it still feel quite cold.  

And although the skies will remain clear, there may be some rainfall, even turning to snow above 800 metres.


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