Sean Connery’s wife to face trial over Marbella tax avoidance scandal


MICHELINE ROQUEBRUNE, the wife of Sir Sean Connery, will stand trial over an alleged tax fraud worth millions of pounds. The news comes as a judge in Marbella concluded a long running investigation into the 1999 sale of a mansion the couple owned in the Costa del Sol. 

Alfredo Mondeja decided to continue the investigation against Roquebrune after clearing the former 007 over any wrongdoings earlier this year. He did, however, declare Connery ‘obstructive and ignorant’ over his reaction to the case involving irregularities in the sale of ‘Casa Malibu’. 

A date for the trial has not yet been set but a letter ordering the French born actress to appoint a defence lawyer was sent to the couple’s home in the Bahamas. 


Roquebrune is accused by state prosecutors of participating in a complex operation, which defrauded the Spanish Treasury of nearly £5.5million in 2006 when more than 70 flats were sold, having been built on property despite stipulations that a maximum of five could be built.

It is alleged that she colluded with lawyers and businessmen charged under the aptly named Goldfinger case to hide profits from the taxman. 

The case will reach open court in January when 16 others, including the former mayor of Marbella will go on trial. Prosecutors are demanding a six-month prison sentence for Roquebrune. 


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