More people using marihuana for medicinal purposes

STRICT RULES: Club only prescribes a certain amount per person per day.

More people are using marihuana for medicinal and therapeutic purposes, according to studies from the Alacannabis association in Alicante. 

According to the association, people suffering from cancer, multiple sclerosis and other diseases are turning to the drug as a form of pain relief, helping to control pain and nausea, with approximately 25 per cent of all sufferers using it. 

The non-profit organisation claims that even the hospitals are sending them patients. Since doctors cannot prescribe cannabis they refer the patients to the centre. 


Many physicians claim there is quite a lot of misinformation about the drug, but even so more people are looking for solutions to dealing with pain. 

There are many indications that smoking marihuana can help with side effects suffered after treatments such as chemotherapy and for patients suffering with chronic pain, symptoms that morphine does not work well with. 

It is even alleged that studies to suggest cannabis helps rid the body of cancer cells and also works as a replacement for sleeping pills as it has the benefit of not damaging the liver.  

In an effort to combat black market sales, the association is currently fighting to allow patients to be able to cultivate it in their homes, as this is currently illegal, although it is permissible to consume at home.

For the time being the cannabis club imposes strict rules including only prescribing a certain amount per person per day and those people must be effectively therapeutic smokers.



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