Malaga CF CEO and Coach jobs threatened

Vicente Casado.

NOT only are Malaga CF at the bottom of the league, but yesterday, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Al Thani, the president and owner of Malaga CF, pulled rank on the club´s current CEO, Vicente Casado. 

This has left Casado unable to make any decisions on the running of the team without prior consent from Sheikh Nasser or the vice president. In recent years, Casado has played a pivotal role in Malaga, specifically in 2012, in which he helped to solve the critical economic situation Malaga CF faced. 

Although there is no specific knowledge of any further changes, rumours have been circulating regarding the possible implementation of a new CEO to take over Casado.


On Tuesday, Al Thani took to twitter to communicate with his followers and fans of the club. He posted cryptic tweets, and warned: “The time for change has come”, followed by “See you very soon in Malaga ”. The tweets sparked intrigue and left fans wondering what changes would follow. 

In an interview with La Opinion the following Thursday, Al Thani did not deny immediate changes would ensue, but he sent a message of confidence to the coach and staff. “My full support is with the coach and entire staff, I am in contact with them permanently,” he said. The Sheikh expressed his trust in Javi Gracia, and called on fans to support the staff and coach.

Despite the vote in confidence from the owner, Gracia is under threat due to poor performance, and if Malaga are defeated in the upcoming game against Granada, on Sunday, he may lose his job.


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