Lack of reports doesn’t mean less violence, Marbella authorities have stressed

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REPORTS of gender violence and cases of victims seeking medical assistance at Marbella health centres have decreased slightly this year, yet the council has warned that that does not mean less women are suffering.

The data was provided at a meeting of the local board against violence, which includes members of police forces, doctors, teachers, lawyers and councillors.

Equality and Diversity councillor Ana Leschiera warned however that this did not really mean the number of cases had decreased.


“The figures we handle regarding reports and cases treated by medical teams mean very little as 80 per cent of victims never report their partners to the authorities,” the councillor stated. Statistics confirm this, in Andalucia 10 women have died at the hands of their partners or exes this year, yet just two of them had reported violence beforehand.

The council department, which has this year helped 610 victims of gender violence, reported that there are various reasons women stay silent including fear of their attacker, financial dependence, embarrassment or submission. Culture aspects are also a factor, Leschiera said, especially in people from outside Spain. Non-Spaniards account for a total of 39.52 per cent of cases dealt with at the department, which provides victims with psychological and legal support.


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