Children allowed to have their say

PLENARY MEETING: Children from the sixth year of primary education attended.

A PLENARY meeting for children was held at Huercal-Overa Town Hall. 

Children from the sixth year of primary education from the San Jose de Calasanz, Virgen del Rio, Principe Felipe, Tierno Galvan and Las Estancias took part in the meeting which was presided over by the mayor, Domingo Fernandez. 

The councillors for Education and Social Services, Belen Martinez and Monica Sanchez, respectively, were also present. 


Each of the schools had chosen a spokesperson to propose their ideas to the council representatives. They had proposals regarding leisure time, education, healthy living, urban development, the refurbishment of the Cuatro Torres building, Easter, and also questions regarding the terrorist attacks in Paris and what measures are being taken. 

The mayor answered all of their questions and talked to them, explaining how some of their proposals were already going ahead. For example, he told them of the plans for a new athletics track or a healthy eating campaign planned to combat obesity in children. 

He noted how hard the children had worked to propose ideas with which they aimed to make their town a better place. 

Fernandez also thanked the Minors’ Ombudsman, Ines Garcia, and the President of the local Unicef committee, Dolores Aznar, for their collaboration in the event, and congratulated teachers on their work preparing the children for it. 

Many of the children said afterwards that they had enjoyed themselves and felt that they had been directly involved in the running of the town.


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