Arenales hotel gets go-ahead

© Alejandro Piñeiro, Flickr
PROMOTING BEACHES: Hotel plans will bring more tourists to Arenal.

THE Arenales hotel should become a reality in the summer of 2017. Contractor Princesol has presented the project for construction and renovation of the hotel – which was closed down and left abandoned more than 30 years ago – to Elche’s City Register  

Councillor for Planning Jose Manuel Sanchez has said work could even begin before the end of this year, as the company has all the necessary permits, both from the City, and the Directorate General of Coasts. 

Sanchez said: “This is a project that has an investment of more than €8 million and a lead-time of approximately 18 months.” 


He added that whilst the finished building will have some of the characteristics and services of a five-star hotel, it will be marketed as a four-star hotel to capture the overseas customer, particularly the British and Northern European markets.

It is expected that the hotel will have 100 rooms and give permanent employment to around 40 people during operation, and will create about 200 indirect jobs related to the building and related services such as laundry.

Councillor for Tourism Fernando Dura added: “It is very positive to have a four-star hotel on our beaches, and its management comes from a consolidated group led to a quality tourism. 

“We hope that in summer 2017 the hotel is a reality and we can start promoting it with our beaches.”


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