Skydive for Podencos

CHARITY SKYDIVE: Lynn (right) with the charity owners Irene and Steve.

LYNN Preston celebrated a milestone birthday by jumping out of a plane. Taking to the skies, Lynn admitted: “I’m an adrenalin junkie.” Having already done bungee jumping, white water rafting and car racing, it was time she ticked another thing of her ‘to-do’ list. She said: “I teach Zumba and one of the ladies in my class had done it and I thought I’d like to do it as well, but if I was doing it I wanted to do it for charity.” 

As an animal lover, she invited such charities to message her. Hope for Podencos was the first charity to respond and was therefore recipient of all monies raised from Lynn’s leap of faith from the skies.

Hope for Podencos are a small rescue charity run by Irene and Steve Allan who take in abandoned, injured Podencos and their puppies. They tend to their veterinary care and rehabilitate them so they can learn to trust humans and can therefore be adopted into forever loving homes, which can be all around the world.


You can still sponsor Lynn and make a donation to the charity by emailing [email protected] paypal account. For more information on the charity visit



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