Mother arrested after leaving children home alone

© Google Map.
Calle Cruz Verde.

TWO mothers have been arrested in Malaga City for allegedly going out drinking and leaving their children, aged between four and 12, alone.

The Local Police force was alerted in the early hours of the morning to a child calling for help and a patrol found him the four-year-old boy locked inside a flat in the Cruz Verde district. After calling the fire brigade to break in through a window and rescue the boy, he took them to another flat where the officers found a 12-year-old girl, the boy’s older sister, in charge of another two aged five and seven.

The mother of three of the children, a 37-year-old Colombian woman, got home at about 2am and said she had just been out for a few drinks, while the other woman, a 29-year-old Russian woman, wasn’t found until 11.30am.


Both smelled strongly of alcohol, the officers reported, and were arrested for abandoning their children.



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