Muslim teenager offers hugs for unity

Yusuf Pirot on You Tube
Yusuf Pirot

UPDATE: The concept of Muslims inviting strangers to hug them as a sign of peace and solidarity is spreading rapidly and in addition to those already mentioned in Paris and Nottingham, reports are now coming in of further hugging events in South Carolina USA and Murcia Spain.

Shortly after the Paris attacks on November 16, a 16 year old Muslim teenager Yusuf Pirot stood in the street in Nottingham blindfolded offering hugs with  a placard which said “I am a Muslim, not a terrorist” and wearing a sign which said “I trust you. Do you trust me? Give me a hug”

The young man from the Bluecoat Beechdale Academy said “The stereotype is not right and these extremists are brainwashed – what they’re doing is not what Islam is about.”


The Kurdish schoolboy had apparently learnt of someone in Paris doing something similar and decided to try the same thing in the UK in an effort to stem the tide of anti-Muslim feeling and in a two hour period received in the region of 100 hugs.

He then uploaded the video to social media where it has achieved large numbers of views



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