Local by-law to reduce visual contamination in Estepona

NEW BY-LAW: Councillor Jose Antonio Vilchez provides details.

A NEW by-law regulating outdoor advertising is set to come into effect in Estepona this week.  

The new regulation, Commerce Councillor Jose Antonio Vilchez explained, has been created in order to reduce the amount of visual pollution in the town with an ultimate aim to reducing advertising on streets and public places as well as illegal use of billboards and fences.

Vilchez stressed the necessity of this law as a means of preventing advertising in the urban landscape from ballooning out of control.


The by-law will also regulate the maximum brightness of lights within the town, with the goal of stopping bright lights from annoying local residents, as well as reducing light pollution and unnecessary consumption of electrical energy.

The councillor said that the new by-law adhered to both existing legal guidelines as well as the greater values of the community at large. 

As the law comes into effect, the councillor explained, municipal specialists are inspecting more than 600 public billboards to properly tailor them to the new requirements.


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