Security strengthened to stop petty crime in Benidorm

INCREASED PRESENCE: More police in troublesome areas.

Benidorm City Council has adopted a series of measures to strengthen security in the Rincon de Loix area of the town. 

Councillor for Citizen Security, Lorenzo Martinez, said: “From the start, this government clearly understands that safety and the image of Benidorm has to be the best,” and the town hall has decided to increase the number and presence of police in that particular zone. 

Martinez explained that the focus is on improving the quality of services provided to citizens and that surveillance and monitoring had been increased to ensure that both Local and National Police have a clear brief and will be co-ordinating their presence in certain areas and at certain times.


The town has also identified specific areas where they be patrolling to tackle pickpockets, street vendors and other criminal acts that are of particular concern to residents and visitors which have been occurring far too frequently in the area.  

The two police forces are also considering the possibility of applying restraining orders on repeat offenders, and instigating certain changes to the penal code in order to deal with other crimes and scams. 

Martinez said that to date the authorities had been limited in their fight against certain crimes, but with the changes to the penal code, officials would be able to act and counter the criminals, improving security.


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