Spanish police arrest prisoner for attempting to recruit inmates for ISIS

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Police in Madrid arrested prisoner.

SPANISH police in Madrid arrested a prisoner in Segovia jail on Monday, who is accused of trying to recruit other inmates to join ISIS.

The man has been named as A Chiaki from Morocco and had been serving a prison sentence in Segovia, for domestic violence crimes.

He is also accused of threats which he made in the name of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the ISIS.


According to the Ministry of the Interior he was trying to recruit prisoners whose sentences were almost over.

The arrest on Monday was made under operation Khalya which saw two more people arrested on October 26 for sending threatening letters. These two arrests also happened in prisons.

The two arrested in October were accused of sending at least one letter claiming to have planted a bomb at the People´s Party headquarters. The letter, written in Arabic, was addressed to Esperanza Aguirra, and threatened to set off bombs in Madrid and Barcelona.

The men, aged 41 and 43, were born in Morocco and Italy. They were in jail in Segovia and Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz). 

The letter also included threats against PM Mariano Rajoy and claimed to be working in the ‘name of Allah and the brothers.’


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