Barcelona 4 – 0 Real Madrid in El Clasico thrashing

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Luis Suarez scored twice for Barcelona

LUIS SUAREZ bagged two goals for Barcelona in a dominant showing against Real Madrid in El Clasico on Saturday. The result takes Barcelona six points ahead of Madrid at the top of the Spanish league with Neymar and Iniesta scoring the other two for Barcelona.

Barcelona coach Luis Enrique said that the match will ‘go down in history’. Enrique has played for both teams and said, “This victory tastes glorious because it is against our eternal rivals. Winning like this against players of such a high level is difficult, but we managed to pull off what we were hoping to do throughout the game.

“I don’t think Real Madrid gave up. We were a level above them and we outnumbered them in many areas of the game. The game is more of a reflection of our merits than Madrid’s faults,” the coach added.


Barcelona were on top form with Messi coming on as a substitute to help set up Suarez for his second. The runaway victory for Barca was the first home defeat in 23 league games for their opponents.

For Real Madrid the focus now is on the future with coach Rafa Benitez saying, “Rather than analysing the game, which of course we will do, what matters most now is lifting the group’s spirits quickly and getting everyone to see the importance of the upcoming fixtures.”


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