A colourful approach to learning Spanish verb patterns

COLOUR CODED: Birgitta uses the system to make learning easier.

Birgitta Barneus is an experienced teacher of the Spanish language. She tells us that she has been a Spanish teacher for over 40 years. She has also written several textbooks for students learning Spanish. 

She always noticed that the enthusiasm of beginners used to fade away when the verbs started piling up. One day she therefore decided to write an iBook with a different approach to the verbs:

Spanish Verbs the Easy Way 


Most Spanish verbs end in -ar. They all follow the same pattern. Once you have learnt to deal with one -ar verb, for example ‘hablar’ to talk,  you can handle all the rest ending in -ar.  

There are also some verbs ending in -er as ‘comer’ to eat and a few verbs ending in -ir as ‘vivir’ to live. 

To make it easier she  decided to give each pattern a colour of tis own. Regular verbs ending in -ar are yellow, irregular verbs  ending in -ar are orange, regular verbs ending in -er are pink and so forth. The colours make them easy to find and to remember. Using methods of studying like this, she found most of her students remembered things easily thanks to the colour association.

You can download the book on your iPad or iPhone and always have them on hand. 

Birgitta has previously worked in the editorial industry but decided to compile this book on her own since there are now excellent programs available online like iBooks Author, which enable you to format the book according to your own ideas



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