113 killed and over 100 missing in Myanmar landslide

© dany13, flickr
Golden mountain, Myanmar.

VOLUNTEERS joined the soldiers and police officers who were recovering bodies on Monday, after a landslide close to jade mines in Myanmar left 113 dead with at least another 100 missing.

The incident has been called the most serious in the area after Kachin state´s mining community of Hpakant fell victim to a collapsed mound of earth and waste.

The jade mines have some of finest quality jade on the planet, however the multibillion dollar industry has not had much of an impact on the region, with most of the money reported to go to companies and individuals in the industry.


Over the course of the last year many fatal mining accidents have been reported, although on a smaller scale, and Mike Davis of Global Witness claims that the area is being taken advantage of by corrupt forces: “Large companies, many of them owned by families of former generals, army companies, cronies and drug lords, are making tens or hundreds of millions of dollars a year through their plunder of Hpakant,”


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