Fines for dumping garden waste

GARDEN WASTE: Companies will be fined up to €3,000 for dumping garden waste in the street.

TORREVIEJA is to issue fines of up to €3,000 for companies using rubbish containers to throw away pruning and green waste.

The fines for violating the ordinance ‘quality development of the urban environment’ first came into force in 2013, and Mayor Jose Manuel Dolon has given police strict orders to pursue such acts, and fine those responsible for dumping the garden waste. Fines could be lowered to €750 for a first offence.

There are 34 containers for pruning deposits for individuals to use but these are being used more increasingly by companies and gardeners, causing a mountain of waste to appear on the street.


The town hall recognises the main problem areas are junctions of calle Einstein and calle Sotavento, calle Euterpe, Avenida Corinto, Gabriela Mistral with calle Berta, and in La Siesta at the roundabout of calle Joaquin Garcia and Doña Ines.


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