Velez association helps fix benches


BENCHES all over Velez-Malaga are going to be repaired thanks to an agreement between the council and a local association for the disabled.

Asprovelez association contacted the council’s Parks and Gardens department recently, department head Marcelino Mendez-Trelles reported, and offered to help out, explaining that its nine members that work in the woodwork shop at the centre could make the boards needed to fix the benches.

The council has drawn up a list of benches that require attention, and the association has also offered to help with other carpentry tasks.


Asprovelez is an association for the mentally disabled which has 60 members, 33 of whom carry out tasks at the centre’s carpentry, sewing and upholstery workshops.

Nine members, under the supervision of a monitor, will be contributing to work on the benches.



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