UN calls on governments to “take all necessary measures” against terrorism

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UN Security Council

THE Security Council of the UN has called on member states to “redouble and coordinate their efforts” in order to “eradicate” the terror threat posed by extremist groups.

France introduced the resolution after the Paris attacks last week in a bid for international support to defeat Isis.

The unanimous approval of the resolution may pave the way for other nations to take more of a stand against Isis in Syria. The UK is due to vote soon on the prospect of British air strikes in Syria.


Francois Delattre, France’s ambassador to the UN, called it a historic resolution and vowed that France would do all in its power ” to galvanise the international community as a whole to vanquish our shared enemy.”

The resolution demands the eradication of “safe havens” in Syria and Iraq although the Security Council have not reached a unanimous agreement on the position of Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad and the broader conflict in Syria.

Brussels is still on lockdown after an arsenal of weapons was found on Friday night in the suburb of Molenbeek.

In Turkey, three terror suspects have been arrested. One of the three, a Belgian of Moroccan origin, is reported to have been a scout for the cell that carried out the attacks on Paris.


  1. That’s mighty big of the UN to FINALLY get off its fat backside and do something positive in the war against terrorism.
    Maybe they have finally learned that their VERBAL condemnation of the atrocities being carried out by the likes of Islamic State and Boko Haram is not doing any good, and that firm action is needed.
    I have for a long time said that the UN should have put together its own multi-national force a long time ago, and gone into Nigeria, Syria and Iraq, and any other country suffering from terrorism, and wipe out every last terrorist they come across.
    Only then will this scourge be consigned to history and the world returned to peace.
    Then all these migrants can be returned home and Europe can evade the coming problems.

  2. The first step is for Governments to fulfil their primary duty to protect secure & defend the border! Second step is to institute thorough vetting of invited immigrants pursuant to a stringent points based application process!


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