Vandalism in Alhaurin de la Torre

© Juan de Vojníkov, wikipedia

Local Police in Alhaurin de la Torre have confiscated more than 200 firecrackers and fireworks from a group of seven youths, who were caught vandalising property.

The town hall reported  they had received a call to say a big firecracker had been put inside a house’s post-box on Avenida de la Calera. The explosion sent the box flying into a car which was also damaged.

Police spoke to the people in the house, who said the youths ran away, and then officers heard another explosion in the area of Huerta Alta secondary school. They followed the noise and found a group of seven masked youths.


One lit a cracker and threw it into the street and it went off just 10 metres from the police car. The officers identified the youths, most of whom were 17, and confiscated the fireworks.


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