Peace walk at Cala Mosca

NATURAL SCENERY: Along the coastline of Cala Mosca.

THE Puma 22 organisation is holding a solidarity walk on November 29, at Cala Mosca. 

The walk is to promote the area; the last stretch of natural coastline along the Orihuela Costa and residents are invited to bring their bikes and pets to enjoy the natural scenery. 

The walk is from 11am and at 1pm there will be a minute’s silence in recognition of the recent Paris terrorist attacks. 


The walk coincides with the climate change summit next month which is scheduled to take place in Paris. The event aims to bring about measures to halt climate change.

Puma 22 said: “At a time like this, after the killing of so  many innocent people for no reason at all in so many places, we are heartbroken. Join us at Cala Mosca for a peaceful event against all types of violence and at the same time get to know other people.”



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