Palma resident dies in Paris attacks

INNOCENT VICTIM: Palma resident Sven Alejandro Silva Perugini was killed at the Bataclan.

A VENEZUELAN resident of Palma, Sven Alejandro Silva Perugini, has been confirmed to be amongst those who died in the Bataclan Concert Hall attack.

He and his colleague and compatriot, Alfredo Reyes, were at the concert last Friday and his family had not heard from him since. They had used social networking sites to attempt to find him, but his mother confirmed on Tuesday that he was amongst the victims. The news was also announced by Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro.

Reyes was uninjured and had remained in Paris searching for Sven Alejandro. A third friend who lives in France was shot in the stomach but following an operation is said to be out of danger.


The main institutions of the Balearic Islands, led by the regional government, held events including a minute’s silence on Monday at midday to condemn the terrorist attacks in Paris.

They expressed their solidarity towards the victims, their relatives and the whole of France.

The president of the regional government, Francina Armengol, condemned the attacks on her Twitter account and called on residents of the islands and representatives of its institutions to do the same. 

The government said it was on the side of France, a country which has used freedom of speech and respect for diversity as a means of integration. 

There were also messages condemning the attacks from the Twitter account of Palma City Hall. 

The French Consul in Palma, Michel Magnier, has thanked residents of the islands for their solidarity, saying that the French “do not feel alone.” He attended an event organised by the Lycee Français in Palma which ended with teachers and pupils singing La Marseillaise. 

Other events were held at the High Court of Justice and at Palma Provincial Court, outside Palma City Hall and the Government Delegation building, where the delegate for the Balearic Islands, Teresa Palmer, reminded people that the Balearic Islands was on a Level 4 terrorist attack alert. 

Meanwhile, the Balearic Taekwondo team, with nine people aged between 16 and 23, and two monitors, are ‘trapped’ in Paris. They were there to take part in the International Open representing Spain but it was suspended for safety reasons, according to the Balearic Taekwondo Federation. 

The team have been unable to change their flights and remain in a hotel because they have been told it is safer than going out. They have all checked in with their families and are in good health. 

Police have increased surveillance at Palma Airport, the port and large shopping areas, as Spain remains at Level 4 for risk of terrorist attacks. 

National and Local Police, Guardia Civil and the Army have all been told to tighten security with more checks. According to a report in local Spanish daily Diario de Mallorca, there will be surveillance surrounding gas tanks and electrical stations. 



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