New regulations hinder province’s nurses

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VACCINATIONS: Need a doctor’s say-so.

ALMERIA’S official College of Nursing and the Satse nurses’ union predicted that new government regulations will cause chaos.

They had hoped that the Royal Decree would clarify their position on carrying out vaccinations or recommending medication not requiring a doctor’s prescription. Instead the changes affecting the way in which almost 500 primary care nurses and more than 2,000 others in hospitals and residences will set the profession back 40 years, both bodies predicted.  

The existing system in Andalucia with its prescription policies will come to nothing and patients will be the biggest losers, the College of Nursing and Satse warned.


Nurses will not be able to work as they do now, foresaw Jose Gonzalez, Satse spokesman for Almeria Province, who cited vaccinations, administering oxytocin during labour, applying medicated dressings or care of chronic patients. 


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