Fake shampoo producing group bust


AN important group believed to have made a fortune producing and selling fake shampoo has been broken up on the Costa del Sol by the National Police.

With a capacity to produce about 200,000 bottles per month, the group employed a specialist chemist to make the shampoo which was then bottled and labeled, almost exactly the same as a popular brand, and sold to wholesalers in Spain and other European, Asian and African countries, the police force reported.

After starting to investigate an alleged criminal group on the Costa del Sol, officers located members in Marbella and discovered they possessed large warehouses where the shampoo was made, bottled and stored in insalubrious conditions.


Following these investigations 11 searches were carried out in Malaga, Cadiz and Alicante provinces and 120,000 bottles of shampoo were confiscated along with machinery, thousands of fake labels, chemical products and five luxury vehicles.

Seven people have been arrested and six of them were sent to jail to await trial.


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