Crime wave hits businesses in Javea

HISTORIC CENTRE: Thieves are targeting bars and cafes, grabbing what they can of value.

Javea has been hit with a spate of robberies, with thieves targeting bars and cafes in the historic centre of the town, breaking in and stealing cash registers. Using methods such as breaking open doors and windows with hydraulic jacks and crowbars, they have hit a number of establishments, the most recent located in Calle Virgen de los Angeles, just a few metres from the town hall.

The thieves have made away with cash, cash registers, lottery tickets and what ever else of value they could grab.

The recent spate of robberies has sparked alarm among business owners in the historic centre of the town, as there has been a succession of robberies over recent weeks, all using the same modus operandi.


The thieves are quick, they break and enter just after midnight and spend very little time on the premises, grabbing what they can of value before fleeing.

Owners have been warned not to leave money on the premises, however, the thieves may still break in and create a mess and cause damage, which is costly and above all inconvenient


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