A double-take for the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ film

TABERNAS: A likely location for Michael Fassbender film.

‘ASSASSIN’S CREED’, a film version of the popular video game starring Michael Fassbender, is now in pre-production in Almeria. Some days ago it was revealed that the Malaga company Modexpor Internacional had been looking for a double for Jeremy Irons.

Now they have announced on Facebook that they are seeking a stand-in for Brian Gleeson, another Assassin’s Creed star. This post is remunerated, the company announced, but it is essential that applicants live in Almeria and ‘are available on December 2 and/or 3.’ Those interested should send a photograph with details of height and telephone number to [email protected].

Over the last weeks Modexport also used Facebook in its quest for ‘men and women with very lined faces’ as well as ‘dark children aged between eight and 14.’ El Chorrillo in Sierra Alhamilla (Pechina), already featured in Exodus and Game of Thrones, has again been chosen as an Assassin’s Creed location, together with Tabernas and Cabo de Gata.



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