The Radical: A car invented for the true ‘petrol head’

© GTHO Wikimedia
Radical SR3: New creation.

Radical motors, founded by Mick Hyde and Phil Abbott, have sold just 1,900 cars in 17 years but they are very proud of this number and believe they have built something more than just another sports car.

According to the company, their original idea was to design a lightweight sports car that utilised superbike technology. In doing so they conceived a car that was faster than a supercar and totally driver focused.

Radical was the first company to create a bespoke powertrain system for a superbike-powered sports racer. The cars were built not just for the discerning club racer but track day enthusiasts too.


The founders looked at the various race series available in the UK but none provided the type of racing they knew their customers would crave.

 So they started their own, and became the first manufacturer to bring long-format, doubleheader endurance racing to the club racer, and provided a comprehensive spares and technical support team at every event.

In 2011 Radical took the bold step of developing its first fully EC Type Approved, street-legal roadster the SR3 SL. Powered by a turbocharged Ford EcoBoost four-cylinder engine it opened up Radical ownership to a whole new market, rapidly establishing itself in countries such as Switzerland, Germany and Japan.

With around 140 employees and regular attendees at major motor shows around the world, the Radical company is flying the flag for British industry and giving the owners of their cars the thrill of a lifetime.




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