New raids in Brussels target associates of Paris attackers

Bilal Hadfi.

ASSOCIATES of Bilal Hadfi, one of the Stade de France suicide bombers, have been targeted in a series of raids in Brussels this morning, Thursday November 19.

Initial reports from the Belgian media indicate that seven raids have taken place with one in the Brussels district of Laken where a person was taken in for questioning.

Six more raids have reportedly been carried out in central Brussels in the districts of Jette, Ukkel and Molenbeek and they are believed to have been targeting friends and family members of Bilal Hafdi, one of the suicide bombers who set off a suicide vest outside the Stade de France in Paris on Friday.


A spokeswoman for the Belgian justice ministry told the Washington Post, “we knew Hadfi had travelled to Syria and had come back,” and said that the phone line at his Molenbeek home had been tapped. 

“But when he wasn’t found to be home, they had to stop the tapping, according to the legal requirements,” she added.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel has also announced new terror measures as the country looks to spend an extra €400 million on security.

At least two of the attackers in Paris are thought to have been living in Molenbeek in Brussels district.

“We will not cede to fear,” the Prime Minister said.


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