Motril photography competition launched

SEDUCE US! Councillor Alicia Crespo urges.

TOURISM Councillor for Motril Alicia Crespo has announced a tourist photography competition entitled Motril es la sensacion (Motril causes a sensation) with a prize of €500.

She said the aim of the competition was to “promote tourism through photographs representing the uniqueness of our city and its resources. The work will be used to promote the destination online and in leaflets and advertising material.”

She added: “The winning photo chosen to promote Motril will have to seduce us and awaken an interest in everyone who looks at it and make us stand out from other destinations in an attractive way while showing the essence of our tourism resources.”


The competition is open to everyone aged 18 and over and photographs need to be delivered to the Tourism Office, either in person or by post, no later than December 15.

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