Hold-up in Puerto Portals

JEWELLERY SHOP: Was open at the time the robbery took place.

GUARDIA CIVIL are searching for three people who held up a jewellery shop in Puerto Portals and fled with €1 million worth of jewellery.

The robbery took place at around 7pm on Friday at a jewellery shop when it was open and there was at least one employee inside. Three people arrived on two motorbikes which they parked nearby. 

Two of them entered the shop without removing their helmets while the third remained in the doorway, blocking it. They smashed the shop windows and took all of the jewellery which was on show before fleeing on the motorbikes, which were located at a nearby beach. 


Guardia Civil confirmed they were hired and getaway vehicles were parked waiting for them, which they used to leave Calvia. 


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