High hopes for Christmas employment boost

© By Jorge Díaz

THE Christmas rush and increased seasonal spending are expected to create an estimated 5,800 jobs for Almeria Province.

Most will be in the beauty, cosmetics, perfume, luxury goods, electronics and the toy sector, said the Adecco employment agency which specialises in temporary jobs.  

As well as the retail industry there will be work in logistics and transport, customer care, hospitality and hotel trades as well as the indirect employment that will be generated over the holiday season.


Adecca foresees a total of 83,000 jobs throughout Andalucia, 15 per cent more than last Christmas. 

Contracts will also cover longer periods, the agency revealed, beginning in November and continuing into January and the winter sales.


  1. I really don’t want to be seen to put water on the squib but what this country needs is for the government to do something and get people into PERMANENT employment and not temp jobs for a few weeks every 3 or 4 months.

    This country is within easy reach to many other European countries where people like to holiday a lot in general, it has great weather, has great food along with a few other great things that should make it more productive and more of an interest to tourists but unfortunately the countries politicians and local town halls are run by people who have no idea about anything they need to in able to do their job, nor do they really have any interest in anything beyond them getting THEIR wage at the end of the month!


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