Coach Union Deportiva sacked following violent football incident


A COACH has been sacked from Union Deportiva Torre del Mar juniors’ football team following violent incidents at a match on Saturday, November 14th. 

The team was playing Club Deportivo Sierra de Yeguas in Velez Malaga when a goal led to disagreements and a player was given a red card for insulting and threatening the referee.  A minute later, a second player was also thrown off the pitch and, the referee complained, tried to attack him and had to be held back by fellow players.

Following a third red card, UD Torre del Mar president Antonio Verdu later reported, nerves got the better of the coach, who also began to insult the referee and chased him off the pitch.


The referee explained that he had called the match off and called the Local Police from the changing room where he was hiding as people continued to threaten and insult him through the door and he feared for his safety.

The team has decided to replace the coach, stressing it cannot and will not allow that sort of behaviour from coaches. 

“If we do, tomorrow it will be the players chasing referees. They have to give a good example,” Verdu said.



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